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soulmating (1/?) (prologue, technically)

summary: define: soulmating; (n) the act of computing the date of meeting a person’s soulmate through advanced skill practiced by a select group of people. 

(or: meet dan, a university student majoring in soulmating. meet phil, the black haired boy who has nothing going for him except his talents with technology. add a feud that has lasted since middle school and an epic love story with mismatching dates, and you’ve got yourself a classic.)

a/n: this was a prompt given to me by an anon, but i changed it up a bit. you’ll see what i mean when you read it. click here for the original prompt: (x)

“I’m scared for you.”

“I know,” Dan said, leaning against the brick wall of the dorm and taking a long drag of the cigarette. He’d quit two months ago, but this was an extreme circumstance.

“You can’t be with him.”

“I know,” Dan said again. He stole another puff of smoke and stepped on the butt, watching the spark of orange disappear under his shoe.

“It’s just- it’s unnatural!”

“I know.”

“But- but Phil. We hate him!”

Hated, Dan thought. Past tense. “I know.”

“He’s a complete nerd! Why are you in love with him? You can’t be! You know how many people will hate you? So much hate- oh my god. You’re not… you’re not compatible.”

“Jesus, Des, you don’t think I know all this?”

Des ran a hand through his hair and let out a breath. “You’re fucked.”

Dan sighed. “I know.”

“It’s can’t be real, though. You can’t think possibly think you-you love him.”

Dan snorted. “I’m pretty sure.”

“You’re hardly seventeen!”

“Closer to eighteen than-”

Just then, Des grabbed Dan’s wrist and pulled his sleeve up. He twisted his arm so he could read the date tattooed onto his wrist.

“May second. This year.”


“D’you know his?”

“September eighteenth. Next year.”

“You aren’t meant to be, though. It can’t happen. I mean, you could go out with him, but you know you’re gonna meet your soulmate, or he’s gonna meet his. You can’t love him.”

Dan yanked his arm back and pushed his sleeve back down over his wrist. “Maybe the date is wrong.”

“It’s never been wrong before. Ever. It never will be. I’m majoring in this, you idiot.”

“So am I, asshole.” Because that’s what they were, anyway. University students majoring in the Study of Soulmates, one of the hardest courses offered across the planet, at any university. It was a tricky thing, trying to master the pattern of love. Very few people ever made soulmating a career, but the people who had mastered the art were necessary to society. Everybody needed a date, it was inked into your skin before you were a month old, at latest. Most had it inscribed in their skin before they were taken home from the hospital.

“There’s no way you could have fallen in love with him though. I mean, dating, fine. But love? How?”

Dan felt a smile flicker across his face, and he didn’t smooth it away, a thousand different thoughts rushing through his mind like a hurricane. “It’s kind of complicated.”

Des searched his face. “You really do love him.”


“You’re fucked.”

Dan knocked his head against the brick wall of the hotel.

“I know.”




1) phan is not real, never has been never will be, unless stated otherwise by dan or phil.

2) well this is interesting, i guess? i dunno. i swear to god i will continue this more than i have with key signature. i am awful at updating fics, i know. but it’s almost summer and i swear to god i’ll have time then, i promise.

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